Sunday, September 17, 2017

#KIKAYGOAL: Road to Curls :)

One of kikay goals in life is to have a curly hair. 

Actually I do have curly hair already but I do wanna enhance my curls, 
so I dont need to set my hair everyday.

I've been looking forward for this treatment called Digital Perm, been eyeing on this for years already, so when I got this great opportunity

Go!!! Push!!!

after work, I went straight on the salon.
They have a good treatment for digi perm.

Bangs by T&J is a Korean Salon here in the Philippines!
Branch at SM Marikina

Let the Magic begins!

Loreal Treatment for Newbie like me.

Say hello to my Korean Stylist, Justin!

I cant wait to see the results!

Coffee or Tea, Thank you for the complementary drinks and mint

Tadaaaa, here comes the medusa look! hahaha!

 Digital perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and loose when it is wet. Therefore you can create the dry and curly look of the curl iron or the hot curler. Digital perms thermally recondition the hair, though the chemicals and processing are similar to a straight perm. - source: wiikipedia 

Its a Three hour treatment! hahaha. 3 hours mean Hungraaaay!

Tadaaaaa Results!

Dreaaaam!!! Thank you so much!

I can feel it! Thank you so much T & J

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Before and After Challenge.

Looking the picture above, making me hear all these hurtful lines:

Uy. taba mo ngayon

Anong nangyare?

Teh Busog na busog ah

Pano ka magkakalovelife niyan?!

Pata teh


and it goes on and on...

I've tried lots of diet tricks and routine just to loose weight but I failed and instead of loosing, 

Ive gained too much. 

look at those photos...

I didnt know that I gained too much weight before.

I didnt notice that or I'm just denial haha! Somebody bullied me like calling me Ms. Piggy, OINK OINK, Pork chop and stuff, but Tadaaaaaa. 

Thank you Makati for your underpass, Bus chasing, and walkathon all the way, coz you have no choice but to walk around Paseo, Valero, RCBC, Delo Rosa, Gil
Puyat and etc. 

Instant Exercise: walk walk walk and eat proper meal on time, never let people take the opportunity to bring you down, dont stop believing in yourself, Push to the limits, you can rise above the waves 

Push pa more! Sinong oink oink ngayon!? 

and also may I have a man who really love me so much and we are getting married soon! haha! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hello Wednesday :)


                      Good Morning :)

Friday, June 10, 2016


Kaway, kaway sa mga nakakarelate dyan. 

Codes pa moreeeeee

Monday, May 9, 2016

Came Unexpectedly.

When you realized you are alone for quite some time, and then it came to your senses that it's already seven years since the last time someone filled the gaps between your fingers. 

I've been independent for long time and I know that time will come that I need to face the fact that I might receive the gift of singlehood. I don't have any problem with that especially, I've been busy with the growth of my career and social life.

so year 2016 opened with a bang, I found a new job offer and accepted it! 

From north to south, I know I will meet new faces and soon to be my friends, but I was too busy striving for my work.

In two weeks, I've been so preoccupied with work loads, until the day arrived that I'll be needing someone's help and then he came to my life.

Surprises starts to came in...

chocolate surprises started.

He knows my favorites, and he knows how to surprise #GalawangIT

He loves to share the camera with me.

my personal IT programmer.

Where it all started, thanks to our fairygod mother Miss Gee, We owe you one!

and the Movie trippins and getting to know each other moment started!

Until, my birthday came. and suprised me with these set yup! First time to experienced this!

the moment that it's time to surprise the person who always love to surprise the others.
You never fail to surprise me!

and the night is not over, it's my birthday dinner by my Tony Stark 
and we are wearing both white! haha instinct!

Thank you for all your effort to make my birthday extra special! You never fail to surprise me. Cheers to Happiness. 

and the birthday celebration continues, CIVIL WAR date with my Iron Man,
Surprised me with a playdate too! hahaha Basketball game and game tickets haha!!

and the celebration goes on and on...

a day at seaside.
a day with Tony Stark
a day to say YES! 


Sunset .




Perfect Moment Fell into Right Timing.

When south meets north ❤️💫✨

a splash of Happiness from the Universe!

When Tony Starks Meets The Avengers. #MeetMyFamily 

When you cant remember the last time you held a green stem with red bloom, 

and now, it came unexpectedly. Thank you!❤️

Thank you for being there when I need help. 
Thank you for understanding my crazy moods.
Thank you for sharing your laughter with me.
Thank you for surprising me with the things I don't get to experience before.
Thank you for sharing your happy thoughts with me
Thank you for being my happy pill when I'm tired and sick
Thank you for being my armrest during bus rides.
Thank your for being my pillow when I'm tired and sleepy.
Thank you for being my fashion critic everyday.
Thank you for being my guide.
Thank you so much!

to Infinity and beyond...

Can't wait to share it you babe.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Selamat Datang Kota Kinabalu

International Trip 2015 - Booked
I can't hide my excitement for my first ever out of the country trip!



My college buddies and now considered as my travel buddies, planned the trip for our first out of the country trip  with the whole bunch of barkada. Some of my friends already traveled abroad while on my case, It's my FIRST! FIRST INTERNATIONAL TRIP and luckily it on my birthday! hahaha! We have booked the tickets like a year before the trip of course! 

Thanks to my zombie friends who patiently waited for seat sales every night. Luckily, we had a good deal with our flights:
First we booked: (AIR ASIA) MNL to MIRI, MY for only 500 pesos (all in) haha. Then, from Miri we will travel to Kuala Lumpur (center of Malaysia, where you can find the  Petronas Tower and Batu Caves, Post card moments!) booked a flight from (AIR ASIA) MIRI to KUALA LUMPUR for only 700 (all in) and SG to MANILA (Cebu Pac) at cost of 3,300 (we can't find cheap tickets from SG especially we booked it a month before I think) total of 4,500 round tickets for two countries (not bad!) haha!

Then, we planned our itinerary for the whole trip, actually Ian did planned it, then we just thought of different places that we can visit in a limited span of time like three days in Malaysia and two days in Singapore. 

Here are the following places that we prioritized to visit:

 Petronas Tower and Batu Caves 

Merlion, Birds nest, Gardens By the Bay and of course Universal Studio at (Sentosa)


so there, we actually visited Manaoag (Pangasinan) to pray for our flight coz lately we heard news on missing planes, plane crush and terrorism. We dont like that to happen, God nooo! So we pay a visit to Manaoag to pray, also to plan the trip and unwind from the big city.


It's almost few weeks before the flight and still we don't have any hotel bookings, we are planning to walked in there, but the the back of our mind, it might be dangerous especially it would be our first group flight abroad.

So we visited: , we searched for possible hotels that we can stay, it may bit costly but we need to consider things and of course our budget: 

Things to consider on booking a hotel:

Location: We wanted a hotel, which is within the city, few minutes away from the airport, near the malls (of course shopping!) and street foods( we love to eat new delicacies!) and place that is near the landmarks of the city.

Fixtures: We are not looking for that instagram worthy hotel besides we are here for adventure and to meet the place and not just to stay at the hotel the whole time, but if we can look for a hotel that suits a budget and looks so classy! why not grab the opportunity right?! But, we are just looking a nice hotel with a clean bathroom and proper  thats it.

Price: Of course budget friendly!

Good Internet Connection: We sort of considering this, especially we love to share our travel photos!

Electric Sockets: Seriously? Yes! Enough electricity socket for our our gadgets: like, our cameras, go pros, ipads, cellphones, power bank and etc. We cannot afford to loose battery on our trip. Thats a big NO NO NO!

We had a booking at a resort in Kota Kinabalu, aside from the fact the we are not after going around Kota, so we decided to stay at a resort, for only 5000 pesos we booked a whole duplex accommodation for the four of us, well it may sound expensive but after all there's a beach that we can enjoy! Photos will be posted below.

In Kuala Lumpur, we booked at Hotel Soliel, actually there are various hotel around the place coz it was in Bukit Bintang (main city of KL) where we can find Petronas Tower and near Selangorfor Batu Caves. Standard room with two single beds. 

For Singapore trip, Hello Walk In! hahaha Seriously!
We planned to stay at Bugis street which is near to all shopping center.

 We got good deals with our hotel bookings!

The day finally arrived! April 24, 2015!

My friend Barbz, let me stayed at her place coz we have a early flight the following day, so we meet the night before. We met Ian and Marc at the airport three hours before the flight. 

here's some snaps from our trip.

Hello Ian, Emote na emote ah.


Boarding, yey!

Seatmates: Hi Ian, Marc and Erika!


Touchdown MALAYSIA!


Hotel arranged airport pick up. Oh Smooth!

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia:  Vacation Started Oh!


Our simple abode.

Sympre hindi ako papahuli. haha!

Witwiiw, Hi Bru!






Instagram pa more, Selfie pa more! 


Nightie- Nightie


and then,  wala ng pansinan, haha nasa social media world na. 

We just stayed the whole day at the resort, unwind and enjoy the beauty of Kota Kinabalu.
Budget friendly trip!


NEXT STOP: Miri and Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA 

Another star on my world map!